The Creation of New World with Kukje

Utilizing State-of the-art technology together With proven manufacturing systems.

KUKJE DIAMOND is now concentrating its energies on the finest quality of DTH hammers, button bits and other applications

We, Kukje Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd. are a outstanding manufacturer and exporter for DTH (Down-The-Hole) Hammers and Bits with over 35 years of history.

We manufacture from 2” to 40” DTH (Down The Hole) Hammer and 105mm to 1500mm of DTH (Down The Hole) Hammer Bits. We succeeded in the business of DTH (Down The Hole) hammer bit in Korea at the very first, and now we are leading the business of DTH Hammers and Bits here in Korea. We have been exporting these DTH hammers and bits to over 40 countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Middle east, and European countries with very competitive price. And now we have a good reputation of product performance from customers worldwide.

We manufacture various type of DTH(Down The Hole) hammers and bits such as Ingersoll-Rand type (DHD series), Sandvik type (Silver Drill – SD series), Halco type(MACH series), and Numa types(e.g. N120, N180, N240).

We also have a special type of bits for overburden drilling. Our DTH hammers and bits fit to original hammers and bits.

In the end, we will continue to make an effort to make customers happy by enhancing our research and development.

Thank you very much.